Where to find Folk Gigs, Clubs and Bands

Here you’ll find a selection of folk gigs, clubs, and other opportunities to apply, as there are more than 55,000 bands already on board. If you are a performer and make yourself known, you may be welcomed to take the stage at singers nights, where people usually turn up to perform within guest spots, at an even less formal event, although you will be expected to listen during performances. This is our guide to folky information and clubs where you can find up to date good folk clubs where listeners are welcome.


Latest Album Release – Only A Dream, Bill Madison

February 19, 2019

The Florida-based songwriter’s follow-up is mostly self-penned and offers a rootsy collection of folk numbers, finding him in rock‘n’roll mood, as well as its original blues-influenced style. Only A Dream has been released by FFM Records, who are proud to bring you the latest album from Bill Madison, whose musical career spans more than 50 years, while playing in the honky tonks of Northern New England to the 1990’s. ‘Sammy’s Bar’ is a cover of a love song by the late lamented maritime folkie Cyril Tawney, recorded in 1960, the bar being a haunt of submariners, and while Tawney’s version was in a shanty style, Madison’s takes a slower finger picked arrangement.

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Amberley Acoustic, West Sussex

Music includes singers doing extended floor spots and players with excellent acts of traditional, blue grass and 1930s jazz music, and it is their policy to put on acts who like to engage rather than impress. First Tuesdays are a Convivium Musical, not just a sing around but playing with each other, and sometimes just listening, but there are also guest nights when they often host an open mike / musicians evening, starting after 8.00 pm and finishing at 11 pm. For anyone looking for a floor spot or shorter session, you can contact Andy, no matter if you’re new or old to the club. You can get a date from https://4sd.com to join you.


Folk clubs are run by music enthusiasts, in rooms or pubs, but don’t be put off as you do not need to be a member as they are less formal than a concert and you will be closer to the performers, although you will be expected to be quiet, as it is not background music.


Central London YMCA

Central YMCA, established in 1844 and situated just off Tottenham Court Road, wishes to provide education for health in spirit, as the capital’s finest social clubs, and the charity works at national levels.

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