The Finest UK Folk and Traditional Music


This article is about folk music, a tradition-based music which is often contrasted with classical and commercial music, but has been transmitted orally and through recordings. British folk music has love songs, pagan carols as well as songs of struggle and supernatural, fueling a thousand contemporary dramas, across the British Isles, and stretching back to medieval sources. We think of folk music in terms of acoustic guitars and sad stories all washed down with real ale, but there’s a bit more than that, as folk is a many textured thing, which is, however, always staying true to its roots.


Sandy Denny is one of the finest female singers, which released her debut solo album, adding muscle to the ‘Sweet Rosemary’ and took our breath away with amazing acapella.


English folk music has contributed to important musical genres, and it can be seen as having regional variations in style, particularly in North Umbria. There are many festivals, as well as folk music degrees, an annual Radio Folk Award, and many pubs are playing host to British artists. Great live performances of fine folk are coming soon, with innovative artists in Bath, Cheltenham, Herefordshire, Newbury, Stratford-upon-Avon, Swindon and thereabouts, so in case you are looking for more information check out our music festivals list.


Andy Cutting is a musician and a technically outstanding practitioner with fine tune which has been purloined along the way on the folk scene, a warm performer engaging his audiences and then flooring them with feeling.


Folk artists rub shoulders with contemporary acts, roots artists and songwriters featuring klezmer. Cambridge Folk Festival is one of the premier music events and one of the most famous in the world, held since 1965 in Cherry Hinton Hall, and many of those who attend return again and again. The list of performers reads like a who’s who, as it’s a launching pad for well-known artists, but the story began in 1964 when Cambridge City Council approached a political activist who was a regular attendee at the Cambridge Folk Club.


Thirteen years on, Lau are innovators, curators and a band that never stands still, creating some of the best music there is out there. Lau comprises Kris Drever, Martin Green and Aidan O’Rourke and together they bridge the diametrically opposed worlds of folk and post rock, and the word which best describes them is dynamic.


Folk has interacted with other musical traditions, influencing musical styles and other genres while gaining attention. Folk Arts Center of New England is participating in music traditions, dedicated to promoting the folk arts and producing over 200 dance events, including June dance sessions at Pinewoods Camp, in addition to acting as a referral center for other organizations. British folk is not a pastoral retreat, but part and parcel of the national conversation, as in the recent years there have been stage productions that explore the past, such as The Imagined Village, a multicultural folk band with radical settings.


England is synonymous with festivals, among the most varied in the world, often combining dancing and story-telling.



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